Friday, December 11, 2009

Deck the Halls 2009

Our holiday decorating challenge this year is to work with what we have and as it turns out, Michael and I have quite a lot in our Christmas treasure chest.

Last year we did an alphabet tree made out of gingerbread cookies for the play room. This year Nick and Linus are very much into trains, so trains it is. I chose a blue and green palette for decorating the cookies; following a color theme keep the tree from looking too cluttered and the cookie decorating is more refined. Because we will be away during Christmas week we decided to use a tree from our artificial tree collection, a 6 foot winter white tree that I love. After the cookies were hung (with fishing line, not an easy job) I dug through the boxes and boxes of vintage ornaments and added some of our favorite blue and green balls to give the tree an extra shine. I’m thrilled with the results.

While digging through our ornaments, I also pulled out my absolute favorite silver, gold and glittered beauties and hung them on a faux feather tree in the more formal living room known as the “daddy room."

Last year we asked our ├╝ber talented friend Teresa to make Christmas stockings for Nick and Linus. They love these candy cane and snowman stockings so much.

Wreaths, pine cones and nuts add a little more festive feel around the rest of the house.

Happy Holidays!